Ik lust geen monocultuur — Offset Printed Poster

  • Ik lust geen monocultuur — Offset Printed Poster

'Ik lust geen monocultuur' critiques the rapid rise of ice-cream and Nutella shops in the centre of the city; shops that sell soulless mass produced products mainly aimed at tourists. These stores have become the symbol of a city that suffers from its own popularity, a city that is slowly turning into an amusement park for tourists and a goldmine for investors, while pushing out the original residents because they can no longer find or afford a place to live.

This poster was originally designed for a political campaign called ‘Who Owns the City’. The poster is part of a larger collection of protest posters that all draw the attention to a series of socio-economic problems in Amsterdam such as housing scarcity, mass tourism and speculation on the housing market.

After the the poster was spread throughout the city by anonymous supporters, it became an icon for the resistance against the increasing commercialisation of the city. In January 2020 the poster was added to the collection of the Amsterdam Museum.

• Poster: 70 x 100 cm, offset printed, 135 grams matt blueback paper.
• The poster is sent in a protective cardboard tube.
• We ship world wide.